Salt harvesting

Salt Lake, located in Central Anatolia, is the second largest lake in Turkey after Lake Van (approx. 3,500 km²).
The lake is among the saltiest lakes in the world.
The lake is located on a plateau surrounded by the Ankara, Konya and Aksaray provinces, having a continental climate. Salt Lake is fed only by rainfall and underground waters, no rivers.
Since Salt Lake is also a natural conservation area, Koyuncu Incorporated Company. operates in compliance with the strictest environmental norms in Turkey and Europe.
Sunlight causes evaporation in the lake, leaving a layer of crystallized salt on the surface. This layer is harvested as raw material, utilizing specialized salt-collecting equipment. Most of this raw material is processed mechanically, and the remaining part is transferred to the customers and trade partners. Annual salt harvest amounts to 1.5 million tons.
The process of salt collection is intentionally named “harvesting”. The reason of naming the process as harvesting is to be no environmental effects on or under the ground.
Koyuncu Incorporated Company. is proud to be a salt supplier with a high environmental consciousness.